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I don't think it's got much to do with airguns.

What it is to do with is Devolution. The original Calman report asked for devolution of all gun licencing powers to Holyrood. This was immediately refused by Westminster. The Calman Report was then altered to ask just for powers over low powered airguns. Westminster granted this because it just didn't matter.

Now Scotland has got this in the devolution package they have to do something with it, regardless. Airgunners will not do anything about it as has already been proved with the impositions already put on us without much of a bleat.
Scotland are now in a position of doing something about a problem that never existed. They will try and dissuade as many people from applying for a licence as possible as every licence will cost them money. This will also put up a barrier for new comers into the sport and will slowly strangle it.

It will be very difficult to be an airgunner in Scotland in the future and people will find another hobby.

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