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Originally Posted by Grenade View Post
Hi Guys.

I looking at purchasing an AA FTP 900. What are the pros and cons of this target rifle. I asked this same question in the AAOC forum and it was suggested that you are the guys to ask.
Living in Canada, my choices are a bit limited. Send a rifle back to the manufacturer is going to be a royal PIA because of our FAC laws. Anything producing over 500 FPS has to be registered under our equivalent of your FAC.
I have looked at the Daystate MK 4 Target but as that's now disco'd it's out. The HM1000 is and option, but I would have to spend gobs of money to make it fit like the FTP. The Styer is out of my budget and The Fienwerkebau even more so. The Anschutz and Walther are difficult to get and service here.

Unfortunately, the nearest FT or HFT shooting club is a 4 hour drive away. So dropping in to try different rifles is not a possibility. Forthunately for me, I live out in the country and can shoot to my hearts' content in the front or back yard. I'm building a field target range in the woods out back

I want to get involved in FT shooting and competitions, so the FTP 900 seems to be the only choice on the horizon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As you're Canada you should get the export model of the FTP which doesn't have the same resrictions i.e. AT that the UK model has.
I got the AT taken off mine as from the shop it was producing 720fps which is way too low for competitive FT shooting, I now have it running at a consistent 775fps and it is very, very accurate at this velocity with AA Fields.

I've had most of the FT guns over the years and this is one of the best off the shelf rifles out there in my opinion as long as you can adjust the velocity to fine-tune accuracy with a particular pellet.

As with most products there are always people with an axe to grind but there are always teething problems that once sorted produce a mature product and this is what we have with the FTP a year after release.

Your figure of 500fps for being non-fac is that a typo as that seems extremely low for an air rifle?
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