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Originally Posted by jth71 View Post
Does that mean that there could be a clear line of sight to the target for some shooters but not others? (eg if leaves or grass is being used to obscure a target with no wind, the target could be clear with a breeze?- or vice versa)
Hi there, i shot 2 rounds of sarc in the first year, 1 at war and the other at it's new home and i really enjoyed it, for me it was more enjoyable than hft because there were a lot more basic hunting kits involved. As to your question, it's pretty straightforward to me that if taking the shot prone means you cant see the target because of grass/leaves/trees etc then you could take the shot sitting or standing which makes it a lot more like a walk around a permission on a hunting trip, you just take the shot the easiest way for you but there will be at least 1 way of clearly seeing the kill zone...
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