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Originally Posted by Jimbob 2705 View Post
Thanks for that

I'll update you regarding testing when they probably won't be until next week until I get to test them out

David, thanks for that link - a good read

I've got a bit of an interesting question for you guys :

I've ordered the following :

Express 4.52 - 42020014 (1)


Express 4.51 - 42020014 (0)

So they are both exactly the same die, just they seemed to have decided that the first batch is a 4.51, but the second batch is a 4.52...?

I'm guessing they thinking the die's may have worn slightly from the first batch, hence the bigger head size for the second batch....but surely if they wore that much they wouldn't be able to do many more further batches?

Many Thanks,

Could this not indicate that JSP have a range of dies for each head size. So Die 42 for 4.51 is not the same as die 42 for 4.52?
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