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I took the FTP out today....well outside as in the front porch. It's amazing how rusty one gets after not shooting for a month or two.
It was only -11 c today so I thought I'd give it a try. After ten pellets, my fingers started to freeze. So much so that when I thought I had loaded a pellet into the breach....I hadn't. I wish that the breach wasn't so loose. The pellets fell back out because I failed to push them in all the way.

One the plus side, the falling snow made wind allowance a bit easier. Fall straight down wind Falling? horizontally ...wind at 10 mph.

I set my target up at 30 yds and was soon punching pellets through the same hole. Switching to the air gun benchrest target, my wind allowance errors showed my lack of experience in judging the wind.

After 50 shots, I could barely feel the trigger so I packed it in. I'll have the house to myself tomorrow, so I'll do some shooting inside.

This rifle is almost intimidating, in that any miss is ONLY MY FAULT.

Very pleased with the rifle. I can't wait to get the correct type of scope on her and shoot it outside in milder conditions.

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