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Originally Posted by MickyFinn View Post
From the "top end" ones I've got/had/tried (with my bad eyes) I think...
The sightron has the best/clearest image with the best colour reproduction & a very good/useful ret. Cons are the turrets move very easily & don't lock + they are slightly px error prone on the long ones unless your fastidious with your head position?
The baby mk4 leup (illuminated mil-dot version) is a good allrounded, less px error sensitive but can you cope with 8.7 mag?
The bigger mk4 leup (tmr ret version ) had an even brighter, clearer image but (for me) is very head position fussy...? (going to re parralex this to see if this can be reduced)
The vortex pst I tried had a good ret, good glass, very little px error but (for me) I couldn't get the ret to come crystal clesr/crisp.
The March I haven't tried (but there's one for sale on here at the minute)
The nightforce nxs I'm in the process of trying. It's crystal clear from 100yrds to infinity at the minute!
The March is very very good Mick
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Feinwerkbau P800x - Big Nikko
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