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Originally Posted by Niloc View Post
I have some communication with Parcelforce which indicates that they will not carry pressure vessels whether empty or not, i.e. they will not carry PCP's. this is an ongoing dialog but certainly shows a reluctance.

An earlier post seems to indicate that the situation about insurance is unclear, The lines in their T&C's saying that they will carry airguns subject to two conditions, a) must be posted at a Post Office and b) they are subject to a maximum compensation of 100. make it seem pretty clear to me.
Wasn't aware of the 100 statement in the T&C's - would as you say seem clear. What is not clear is why the Post Office are happy to charge a significant uplift to cover the total cost of replacement.

What is concerning is that it seems only set to get even harder to transit modern Airguns outside of RFD, it is such a shame that some RFD's are reluctant to facilitate that means of transit. My local one does accept and does a great job - but have had issues at the recieving RFD - refusing to get involved - giving the impression it is not worth their efforts!

FtF seems the only way forward, then again meeting in mutually convenient car parks after dark exchanging gun cases and cash - also seems fraught with the danger of a rude interuption!

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