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Originally Posted by DYNO DAVE View Post
Sorry mate some ones pulling your wire 9003 was never 5k , Robby black has the best 9003 on the planet and that's a fact , the gun and the work done by Nick murphy was less than 3k and beleave me it's the best thing you would ever shoot
Regards Dave
It takes someone with his head firmly fixed on to put thing in perspective thanks Davy P, I've shot a lot of rifles Mr Wishart and they all done the same thing, my choice of manufacturer has nothing to do with my post earlier, had you passed the criteria you'd no doubt be using the same ps that's a joke.

All I can think of, is that window must have been huge when rob passed, robs a nice bloke I will ask him at the next comp..

Ps I can count on one hand how many guys I've seen using a 9003 in hft, rob likes to stand out, his 9003 does exactly that, just as much as my rifle does.
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