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Originally Posted by steveggg View Post
Can i just state this is a club rule not a UKAHFT rule



Can you clarify this more.

I think the majority of current club/team members believe that this is a UKAHFT rule.

What exactly is the criteria for being a TEAM member at a UKAHFT event.

I'm not talking about all the pee taking etc like "My third cousin removed knows a Welshman-so i can shoot for Quarry ETC.

Anyone can shoot for Quarry as its not a National side its a club



All Teams must consist of members from an established bona-fide airgun Club.

The rules for entering a team into the UKAHFT series are simple, a team must consist of a minimum of 5 shooters and a maximum of 25 shooters, all team members must be able to demonstrate proof of membership for the club they shoot for, any shooters entering can only shoot for 1 team.
All shooters must be active members of the Club they are shooting for.
When we say active thatís what we mean you cannot have someone that shoots for your team but only goes to that club maybe twice a year, in other words team rigging / ringers are not allowed.

Teams will be established prior to commencement of the 2009 series, substitutions or additions after commencement of the series will not be permitted.

The top 5 scores on the day will go towards the team score at that event; in the event of your team winning these will be the 5 shooters who collect trophies / medals at that event on behalf of their club.

Entry Fee will be £1 per shooter and, Teams must pay there entry fee before round 1 commences or they will not be included in the Series.

It will be the captain of each teams responsibility to collect each of their team members scores and present them to the official score collator at each event.

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