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|I have stayed off of here due to the amount of abuse received last year.
I have not updated the website due to access issues,
the rules are very simple.
the main trophy is for the sporting Class which is defined by a rifle with a factory fitted sporting stock with no hamster or stock bipods or slings.
each lane is marked by 2 cones/posts 1.5-2mtrs apart. with a firing line.
you are allowed to adopt any SAFE shooting stance you wish to complete the shot as long as you are within the markers, muzzle over the line trigger finger behind the line. you can use any natural support within the lane for support ie trees , logs ect.
you are not allowed to call a target for grass or twigs ect in the way you need to move to take the shot.

The course will consist of the following 30 targets,
5 of 12mm-15mm hit zone targets from 15-25yds
10 of 18mm-24mm hit zone targets from 8-30yds ( 2 to max 35yrds)
10 of 25mm-34mm hit zone targets from 8-40yds (2 to max 45yrds)
5 of 35mm-40mm hit zone targets from 8-45yds (2 to max 50yrds)

normal safety rules apply ie all rifles unloaded until on lane ,whistle to stop and start course ect.

hope this helps but will answer any questions
hope this helps
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