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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Thanks Martin for glowing report of the MFTA Winter League.
Visitors are all very welcome at our shoots and I know the extra revenue gained is very appreciated by the hosting clubs. Your final paragraph on improvements is noted and I shall make sure they go in front of the committee for consideration in April.
No problem mate, really enjoyed it and I love the 40 targets format because it really does give you a chance to correct a bad start, kinda useful when you're down in C Grade. Plus it helps keep you focused for GP's, where I'm often thinking about anything but the last 10 targets So, I loved that about it.

Shot around with some great people who've all offered advice and it's great to bump into a load of the Welsh lads as well. Defo be back next year.

Are you still doing the shorter summer season?
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