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Of coarse you would smell bs james
If not a walther your not interested.
Why would I doubt rob
He said its 4k why would I doubt him
I put a link up it was $4800 plus vat an import duty.
It cost him 4k
Maybe he should have shopped around a bit first.
His rifle again why doubt him
He had a lot of stuff done to it air masters did the conversion plus a few more bits for him .
He changed butt plates ect
If he said it was very close to 5k why doubt him.

Why don't you tell him he is bull ******** the next time you see him
If you think the man is a liar ask him at the first shoot at nasgarc
call him out on it.
You are far to quick to judge james
have you got anschutz envy
As I said I am only going by what the man told me
I think it's an obscene amount of money for any target sport.
It will not buy him better scores but he is happy.

I only mentioned it as on another thread someone asked could an hft rig cost 4k or more.
I found one that had so mentioned it
It's no big deal to be honest I was joining in on a thread being an active member of stb
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