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It's always people that are the problem.

Most tin chicken shooters I've seen over the last 20 years are a cross between Private Pyle and Lance Corporal Jones ... a sort of 'Dad's Harmless' ... wandering around a wood on a Sunday morning shooting thousands of pounds worth of popguns at a bit of tin up to 50 metres away.

A very few of them know what they are talking about and can actually shoot. The greatest majority fall way short on both those categories ... but they love being a part of it all ... like all the other millions of amateur sportsmen who's stories and egos far outweigh their ability. Probably made worse because all competitors of these Camo Olympics shoot the same course and you can be 'Missed most and clueless' and still feel you've been playing with the best in the country.

It's just a man thing ... nothing new. Probably to do with fear and insecurity. You join a gang and if another gang appears in the neighbourhood, you'd best have a pop at that gang in case they become a threat. As an individual in this gang you don't really know why you are shouting and jeering at the other gang, but the other blokes in your gang are doing it so they'll probably be impressed if you do it too.

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