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Weighing pellets is tedious but if you have the time and inclination it at least removes the outliers e.g. I found some very light (0.45g instead of 0.51g). Some batches/dies have a bias towards the light or heavy side, some better.

Here is a pic from 4 batches which shows the differences. I wouldn't worry about any of the 0.505 to 0.515 pellets, just the ones outside those.

Doesn't mean one batch works better than another but it reduces one from the list of unknowns. I leave it to someone else to weigh a few hundred of the new super pellets to verify that they all fall in to one bin. (If you have a balance that can weight to 0.001g you will still get a gaussian distribution either side of the expected weight).

You also get to see how dirty they are - from the state of your fingers FT = Fun Tweaking
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