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Many thanks Chris Cundy for the opportunity to try the new JSB Premium's

Think a lot more testing needs to be completed both indoors and outdoors before I could come to any firm conclusions, but my initial findings were they group exactly the same as the weighed JSB Exact's 8.4's the exception being no flyers, the exacts I had two out of the 15 shot, one slightly above and one below the main concentration.

The new pellets required no adjustment to the scope, both shot exactly the same.

The big question would I use them, think I need to spend more time on the range and out on a course, but if they continue without the 'dreaded flyer' without doubt, however it may have just been luck or the sample I used wasn't large enough.

When Chris and I walked off the range we both concluded that the best way to describe the pellet was that they were very consistent....... as too whether our combined stock of 120000 JSB's will be on the market on monday we couldn't decide....yet.


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