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Default High speed (ish) camera

I just sold my old iphone 4 at CEX and because I'm a Yorkshireman and didn't want to take 60 cash when they offered a 90 credit I ended up getting a new toy instead and walked out with a Nikon 1 J1 camera. I'm not much of a photography buff but I had heard these do high speed slow motion video, at 400 fps and 1200 fps. It's a so-called mirrorless compact camera, not a DSLR but has a bigger sensor and interchangeable lenses and is a decent upgrade from a normal compact. So if the slow motion gets old, worst case is it's a much better stills and normal speed video camera than my old one.

Anyway my main reason for a high speed camera was that I've just taken up archery and can use it for analysing my form and release, and seeing how the arrows leave the bow (any contact etc).

But it occurred to me that it might help with shooting as well, given I shoot a springer these days. Even at 1200 fps you can forget catching pellets exiting at the muzzle but as a springer firing cycle takes about 12-15ms I should be able to pick up the recoil motion by focusing in on the muzzle, or the scope.

Other applications, apart from the childish but fun stuff like shooting beer cans full of water? I could try to capture pellet flight through the scope, and also see how the springer recoil affects the scope picture.

Also it might be possible to see jets of condensing water vapour coming from muzzle brakes. I know from shooting my Steyr pistol on cold damp mornings there is often a significant visible puff from the three barrel ports.

Any other ideas, useful or just interesting?
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