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One has to be careful not to create a problem that doesn't exist.

How many people are going to try and fiddle the chrono by saying that they are using 7.9s when they are using 8.4s? What do they gain by allowing themselves another 20fps? It gets about what people use and if it got out that they had cheated the chrono they would be in shame. Who would risk that for 20fps?

If it's a FT guy then he's dialling anyway and if it's a HFT guy then at 45 yards that 20fps is a few mm's at a 35mmm kill.

Yes, someone may be saying that they are using 7.9s and using 8.4s and that makes that rifle over the 12fp limit. That has always been the case. I could be using 10.6gr Magnums and saying that I'm using 7.9s and they are fine at 820fps. They are actually doing @ 16fp. No one is going to know unless you have someone on the chrono who knows the looks of most pellets and is going to visually inspect the pellet before it's loaded and/or weighs the pellets. That's how it's always been and hasn't changed because JSB are bringng out 2 pellets that look alike but weigh slightly different.

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