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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
Stick em out to 55 yards, that I'll stop em bouncing back up.
Neil, your as daft as that Big Dave R chap, he suggested bringing them in closer too!!

Anyway, Arms dealer engineering did a grand job in modifying the racks today, so good I let him (forced) have another couple of goes shooting which he Happily (I think he was swearing as it was so much fun) did.
I know he thaught Kneeling was a better option but not quite as Good as sitting, so proposal for Bftas Agm on the way lol

Precise engineering (once the blunt hacksaw blade was changed)

We cut the bar the string is attached to so t allowed the targets to fall further. Bit of trial and error but it seems the further you can allow them to fall back the less chance of bounce back

A.D. knocked up an extension on the "string" bar so they can easily be re-set, the original bar now lying horizontal

A top Tip about adding weight the "Bounce" Bar helped on the chickens, AD recons he can knock up a 6mm bar to attach to the bounce bar, thus making it much heavier and thus helping to deaden the "bounce"

All in all, bounce back was almost eliminated.

Rams we found tilting the rack back very slightly sent them over as they should go, so they will just have to be set up so they are not pulled forward by the string.

Getting there, even started my 2016 Nefta classic training and went Nude /Non Gimp!
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