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Default Different barrels

Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Does raise the option of BFTA getting a sleeve of the high tolerance ones and use them on the chrono? Maybe an Exact and an Express version. Then everyone gets tested with a standard pellet.

For my own rigs I aim (!) to set Exacts to 777 and Express to 805. I am also going to have to shell out on these fancy ones to compare as I guess many others will do.
I just checked a tin (the other day) of Express and whilst the majority (54%) were 0.510g there were around 37% in the .505 and .515 tins and a small number came out as .500 and .520. This on scales with 0.005g resolution.
The idea is right but won't work due to different barrels.
I've had batches of the same pellets show 30 fps different to another batch
The best thing for the chrono tent would be a set of scales, Mr Cundy's pellet chart and someone that knows what they are doing ,not the bloke that started doing FT 3 weeks before his new club holds a major event.
I don't think people try to cheat the chrono ,but I have heard of skirts being squashed when people find they have set the gun too close to the limit and it's warmed up a bit.
This could be avoided if the chrono marshall loaded the pellet, should'nt hold up proceedings to much ,and all the accusations could be avoided.

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