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Default Hello from Ontario, Canada

I have got back into playing with air guns after a 38 yr break. I just recently moved out into the country and have lots of hunting opportunities out side my back door. I've been hunting since I was a teenager. I enjoy all aspects of the shooting sports. First got into target shooting in order to be a better( more accurate) game shot.

Last year, when I first looked at getting back into air gunning, I did a fair bit of research. Air guns have come a long way from my old BSA Meteor Super (which I still have). My first Air rifle was an AA S510 Xtra FAC .177. In Canada, anything producing over 500 fps needs an PAL. Possession and Acquisition Liccence...similar to your FAC...intact it was originally call an FAC. So anyway...any air gun powerful enough to be used for hunting needs a PAL.
The S510 was an eye opener. I was easily as accurate as my FWB 300, easier to load and shoot and was a high quality, well made air rifle....Then the disease that knows no cure started. Soon I bought a TX200 .177, then a Daystate Regal .22 30 fpe and finally an Air Wolf Tactical .25 40 fpe.

While looking into air gunning, I came across this fascinating game called field target. I purchased a few knock down targets and had a ball. My new mission now is to get into shooting this sport at a competitive level. Unfortunately, I live too far away from the two main field target clubs in Ontario. 6 hrs. to one and 5 to the other.

Being an enterprising lad I'm building my own in the back. It's hard work, but so far I got three lanes plus a tree stand completed.

Now I'm looking at getting a FT rig together so I can practice to the point I'm willing to drive half a day to compete.

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