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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Slightly off topic, but running the same pellet at 820 rather than say 795 makes naff all difference to the windage, less than a pellet diameter at 55 yards in a broadside 10mph. If you misjudged the wind and it was actually 11mph that's another 15mm or so. I can't judge the wind speed to that accuracy and I doubt if many can.
Oh I agree but 8.44 at 820fps is 12.6ftlb i.e. FAC and an instant remove from the course, etc

The cross-sectional area (profile) of an Express is less than an Exact so it shouldn't take as much wind. A normal Express is lighter so that the force gives more acceleration which pretty much cancels out the difference in speed (and most folk seem to say there is not much difference betwen Express and Exact other than one suits a barrel better than the other, etc).

Experiment will be interesting though.
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