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If I remember correctly? Were there not some of these being used at Kelmarsh last year, I got hold of a slack handful to try at the time but didn't see a benefit over the 4.51 8.44 Exacts I normally use. Maybe those were early proto's? and these are great?
Personally I would have preferred to see the length remain the same as in my gun the longer 8.4 is better than the short 7.9's, maybe that is down to weight and maybe not?

I would be interested to hear how Chris and James get on with them and see the results, I am sure these 2 will be able to see a difference if there is one. And I am sure neither would use them unless they put more points on their card.

So come on, spill the beans! I will take silence as they are awesome and you want to keep it a secret for your own benefit!
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