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Originally Posted by madplinker View Post
make a quick correction 7 of the top guys scopes are 200 to 550 quid forgot popgun shoots with a march. Best example to everyone is nick same scope and same rifle for years and a lot of pure talent and i dare say a lot of practice as well makes him the top shot and consistency week in week out no matter the weather.
I know what your saying dave but he has bought one he is zeroing tonight after work .
With vat import duty ect 4k
He had the s+b ft platinum on order but it would not be here before the world's
So he cancelled it and went for the beast.

He sold his vortex viper before the end of last season stevie kerr tried it the shoot after winning the scotch championship but could not get on with it
As you know rob does his own thing
He knows practice will only improve his scores not the scope
He has had loads of top end rifles but his best scores have been with the ev2 he used to have.

I was not saying it's a good scope I just could not believe the cost of his set up for hft
I was shocked to be honest 9k and thought I'd share
a bsa scorpion or s400 in the right hands could win any competition
as I said it's more to do with price than set up
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