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Dave i think rob must be pulling your leg mate. Why would you spend over 3 to 3 and a half grand on the wrong scope for HFT the beast has a 56mm objective which does not help with the parallax error etc means big exit pupil value smaller exit pupil value the better. That is why everyone is going for smaller objective lens sizes like 24 mm and 32 mm plus the depth of view as well will be better on the smaller objectives.

Last scope i knew rob had was the vortex viper pst 32mm objective lens. Like one of the gentlemen has said it is not the equipment that knocks down the tin chickens it is the shooter.

David have a good look at all the top ten shooters in Scotland 8 of them have scopes ranging from 200 pound to 550 pound myself and Greg are the exceptions with nightforce scopes with 32 objectives. Practice and knowledge will get more tin chickens down more than anything
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