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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Any top tips for setting up knockover silhouette racks?

Testing at Salmons Leap FTC today, we came across the following propblems, ( Racks pinned to ground)

Chickens, mosy bounce back up, 4 out of 5 bouncers!

Pigs, av 1 or 2 bouncers in 5

Turkeys - (hitting them !) Occasional bouncer, perhaps 1 in 5

Rams, no bouncer as they don't fall over!
Hitting the rams dead centre knocked them over, but if the pellet struck towards the Head or other end, they did not move!

initially these were shot "out of the box".

We then adjusted the bolt on the chick, pig and turks to take up some of the slack. this improved things slightly

Rams were left along as they were not going over often anyway!

Our final mod was to grease the chickens, this seemed to slow the bounce down, got just 1 bouncer out of 5 on last effort.

So, Top tips for setting up / any know problems?
try leaning them back and forward a tad... Also the reset bar may be too high up ie they bounce back off the bar and stand back up again. some thick grease will also slow them down a tad but obiously you dont want it on any that dont go over.. the Rams are too wide for the pivot ie hit the head and the animal will twist and lock on the picit resulting in it not going over design issue... needs mod with some tube and the rams welding onto the tube instead of a hole though the thin metal at the bottom as a pivot
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