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As an FTP owner...

Mine had a leak when I first used it. This was resolved quickly. I have the same moans and grumbles as everyone else, jumping onto the "bash Air Arms" bandwagon. I should have known better perhaps!

Gary is spot-on regarding the filling probe - but who actually reads instructions? Instructions are for ladies, aren't they?!

Since then, the gun has proven itself to be far, far better than I am. Lovely to use, incredibly accurate (but not necessarily when I'm holding it, because I'm cr@p!) Off the bench the gun is cuffing awesome. I've put 7,500 pellets through mine in nine months, no issues, no regrets at all.

I am sure Air Arms have all issues resolved now. I have no axe to grind either way, but if you're in the market then please consider the FTP900. I love mine!
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