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The problem with the FTP good the bad and the ugly thread is there are people on their who have an axe to grind with AirArms. So allot of it is crap.

I had a FTP on loan for a year for testing and it was a great rifle, very consistent over the chronograph and extremely accurate down range out to 55 yards.

So, what are the problems with a FTP?

Well there are three.

1. The filler valve and regs were leaking, this was down to users not reading the manual (Me included), when you use the probe to fill the gun, you have to lubriate the O rings with the lube provided. If you don't small bits of rubber shear off and get stuck in the reg. If you lube the o rings this down not happen.

2. POI shift, the POI shift was caused by a screw that was slightly to long. This screw is used to hold the rail onto the stock and it was coming through the stock and pushing against the air reservoir. This has now been corrected.

3. Hight of the gun and Cant. The FTP is a very tall rifle, from the base of the pistol grip to the top of the rail it is one of the tallest guns in its class. This means that if you have even a few degrees of cant on the rifle the pellet will miss left or right down range, because a small degree of cant low down, will be massive by the time it gets to the scope.

The vast majority of FTP shooters but the pistol grip down by about 2 cm and this makes a huge difference.

The FTP900 is a great rifle, it is reliable, adjustable and if you set it up correctly, it will be brilliant.

Hope this helps

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