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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
Do Kill zones have to be round?

Do KZs have to be surrounded by "Plate"? If yes, How much?


No, Kill zones don't have to be round, there are two options:

1) Upto 6 of 35-45mm kill zone targets can be upto 50% obscured, you could therefore obscure the kill or cut a new face plate but at the minimum a half moon of a 35mm kill would need to be visible.

2) You could use different shaped Kills, say square or triangular but these targets will be judged on the maximum size circle that could fit inside the hole.

Yes there needs to be some faceplate to the target to allow shooters to get a "1", as a rule of thumb 10mm around the kill is acceptable but each target would be judged separately when the course is vetted.
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