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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
I do want to use the gun more so it's not just for the PJBRC I think if I get a better scope on it that I can range with I'd actually use it more. It's a great gun that's hard to master and I enjoy shooting it so I don't mind spending a bit on a scope. Plus I've got to get a better score this year, I'm bringing shame on the family name apparently
I found the HW98 one of the easiest boingers to shoot, really regret selling mine. I used to have to aim off at 30 yards to see where the pellets were going (on top of each other).

Check you can get enough eye relief on a Bushnell. The Weaver was right up to the end of the breach jaws. There's a pic of one fitted to a HW98 on the yellow forum, Leup Comp fits too
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