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Thanks for the reply.

The range at our local HFT club also slopes down about that amount.

It took me a while to realise how much it did slope down.

It did cause me problems with the springer. I don't suppose that sort of slope makes too much actual difference re POI etc but it did cause me a problem as I was setting up my hold points on the springer at that angle. I then noticed that when I shot elsewhere ( our entire course basically runs in a straight line and it all slopes that way ), and the ground was actually level, I couldn't hold in exactly the same way as on our range, and when moving my front hand to suit the level, rather than sloping land, my POI's changed.

I used to put zero cards at 35 yards high up on trees or poles to make them level with me so I got my basic hand positions correct for level shooting ( you have to learn to cope with slopes on a course ).

I see some of your tagets are up on high posts etc.

Thanks again for the video. I really enjoyed it.

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