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With my Dealings with Pax Pellets

Prices Depend on how many people / firms want a Share

Pax made pellets for several firms packing and labeling in others Names

Best was the Daytate HFT's which hit the Shops a around 16.00 per Box of 500- several years ago

Sold to Daystates who sold onto Distributors then retailers all wanting a Share plus added carriage costs every time they moved

Lead is Heavy and carriage costs are high - so every movement costs money

There are not many retailers that are able to buy Direct from Manufactures - Costs and Storeage space

I was able to Supply Defiants to Club and forum board Members
Thankfully my overheads was small

Post Office / Carriers got more than I did per Box Sold -

All Gone now that H & N have brought - Pax Pellets Division - Stock / Designs & Machines

Advised that they plan to relaunch them in April this year -

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