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Originally Posted by Bensile View Post
I sold my ar20 due to circumstances and the worst mistake I ever made. Shot it in HFT for 2 seasons and won trophies. Best balanced gun for standing shots I've ever had.

They need time to fit you. So many things you can change but I say this with proof they are as good or better than rifles sold at 1,000 plus.

Best scope I found for the rifle is mamba lite.

When I get some cash I'll buy another.
Which comps and which trophies/positions did you attain?

It's quite obvious that they are a Marmite gun ....It's nothing to do rifle snobbery, just that i haven't ever shot one that felt nice or balanced or accurate. The 'proof' as you say would be in how many will be shot in the HFT/FT national/international comps .

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