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Originally Posted by Akita View Post
Wrong stick end of, Barry the OP stated S/H to me thats second hand.
All the pcp guns youve mention are great along with pretty all PCP air rifles.
Buy a second hand HW100/S400/MPR/springer for the price of a second hand AR20, the sporter stocks on the former wont do you any favours.
Fifth post, first page:-

''Good news however, on coming home started looking to buy new, ofc no dealer near me has one or even mentions them on their website. Looked further afield, not really much luck, price were sometime ridiculous seems they just make them up then round them up to the nearest hundred!
So of to Germany I go, if I can get it at the price indicated inc. postage I will be a very happy bunny. Awaiting an email back. Even delivered to the door, none of that stupid postage legislation''

For the rest of your response. I have no argument with you at all. Buyers freedom of choice, simply trying to help someone avoid doing what's in the quote.
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