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Mine is a better rifle than my EV2 mark 1 ever was, and gives me better results and more pleasure to shoot.

The trigger is crisper; if you have the courage, just tweak the sear adjuster at the front, that the factory advises you not to. You may get it wrong first time, but all that will happen is, it will refuse to cock.

If you apply just a hint of grease lubricant to the sliding parts that move during cocking, you can remove a fair amount of the apparent cocking effort.

Silicon lubricant is not recommended for metal surfaces in contact with each other; however, the flank sides of the cocking slider will benefit from just a trace of silicon grease rubbed in and wiped off. Ideally these sides ought not to touch the housing, but they do.

I may have mentioned this before, but I don't fill mine beyond 200 bar. I don't like the idea that the second reg doesn't want to see more than 200 bar; if the first reg should let by then it may well be exposed to more pressure than it should cope with.
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