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Originally Posted by daiboy View Post
just hoped for an answer why the AR20 only ever seems to be up against the Steyr.
the reason is probably due to having Walther parts,
maybe I have answered my own question.
Originally Posted by daiboy View Post
where did I say the AR20 was a Walther, I said that parts from the Walther are used in it's making also the AR20 has the Walther stamped on the action and it's there for a reason.
then again maybe Walther dont mind having it's name stamped on so called cheap guns.
Originally Posted by daiboy View Post
whether Walther want it where it is or not it's there end of and yes I agree if the action had been made from a solid block of steel we wouldn't be having this discussion now, I dont know why the negative attitude to a rifle that is cheap to buy and yet so accurate out of the box, OK it has a few little niggles but from the mods I have seen some folk doing to them and they look and shoot better than a lot of top end rifles speaks for itself, and I know your going to say the mods were done at a cost, yet still not as expensive as the top models.
I purchased a cheap standard AR20 FT and can say that I have enjoyed shooting it with no issues, I have also enjoyed customizing the rifle to my own speck and ways that I wanted things made there is nothing bought off the shelf as such.
Funnily enough i was just checking out the list of shooters at the 2015 HFT worlds and guess how may AR20's are in the line up?.....nada....I wonder whether they're booked in as Walthers?

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