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Default Ar20

Originally Posted by john0neuk View Post
It would appear Walther do unfortunately have name on so called "cheap" guns - have you seen the 1250 Dommie ( I own one), Rotex etc.

They are I believe part of a massive gun group (Hammerli) and as such where the badge ends up is probably not where they would wish it to, from a quality and engineering basis!

Never shot an AR20 but heard good things about them - but it is I believe not put together with the care of an LG300 based Dommie (just sold mine- fool that I am), price point is an indicator there so comparison is a bit unfair - that said the release price for the 1250 was around 1000 dollars I believe and still offered at 600 plus over here - I paid 280 for mine and was dissappointed at that price.
Chopped it up and used it as a 10m project - restocked it and have fun plinking with dipoters in my garage it wasn't worth doing anything else with in my opinion.

whether Walther want it where it is or not it's there end of and yes I agree if the action had been made from a solid block of steel we wouldn't be having this discussion now, I dont know why the negative attitude to a rifle that is cheap to buy and yet so accurate out of the box, OK it has a few little niggles but from the mods I have seen some folk doing to them and they look and shoot better than a lot of top end rifles speaks for itself, and I know your going to say the mods were done at a cost, yet still not as expensive as the top models.
I purchased a cheap standard AR20 FT and can say that I have enjoyed shooting it with no issues, I have also enjoyed customizing the rifle to my own speck and ways that I wanted things made there is nothing bought off the shelf as such.
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