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Originally Posted by Abdiel View Post
You have a great community here, and although I have only visited one club so far they were all very friendly and helpful letting me shoot their couple of grands worth of pride and joy and offering and explaining things and giving tips. Though some, ok one, was biased to FT HFT is too easy apparently! I'll let you decide on that i'm a noob

The next question will probably be along the lines of which scope to get that i can shoot HFT and FT!
I know!!!! Don't go into it.!! I spent many hrs till my head almost exploded reading especially over the weekend.
Thanks again, I know I will be back with stupid questions and hopefully eventually see some of around in a comp.
Hi, I have to admit that the HW100 i posted a piccy of is one of the best grouping rifles i've owned. I have 2 Steyrs and only bought this from my mate as i thought he was making a mistake switching rifles but insisted that he fancied a change I have no need for it but keep it just in case he changes his mind...probably won't happen as he's just bought a Daystate to go with his MPR. But just goes to show what can be bought for 600 quid (ish)

On the question of HFT/FT scopes. IMHO there's only 2 that can really cover both bases. The Bushnell 8-32x40 elite and the Burris 8-32x44 ra. Older scopes and front parallax adjustable but good rangefinders non the less and when dropped to 10 mag and px set to 25 yards can manage on a HFT course. Quite rare though now as the light weight makes them popular with the FT springer shooters. You can buy cheaper high mag scope such as the Zos but the poor optics makes rangefinding tricky and they're just not flexible enough for both FT and HFT......tricky but doable at a push if your budget is low. Don't worry what some of the other club shooters any sport there are a few dicks, fortunately few and far between.

Originally Posted by biggeorge View Post
I've wondered that myself, i suppose a lot of people may class the steyr as the benchmark maybe?
Being Walther equipped comes in handy as well, i got some spare walther cylinders and you get loads of shots out of each so its easier than lugging a bottle around.
The walther barrel is great too, I've never had it need cleaning, its always been very consistent.
I think people do use the Steyr as a benchmark as it's probably the most popular target rifle currently on both the FT and HFT the S400 is used against hunting rifles.

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