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Hi i'm back, and once again id like to thank all the people that gave their opinions and experiences, especially Chrisc and Biggeorge who has Pm'ed me several times.
I have access to the market place now and will look there next especially that MPR.
That's a lovely looking HW100 Chris, that, and the 400 series was what I was origionally looking at.

A bit biased to HW, got a HW80 that i've had for nearly 20 years now. Saved up my paper round money It was in the back of a cupboard for along time but was dug out 2 years ago, stock sanded back, walnut dyed then oiled, (linseed I think). But it looks better than the original, the blueing obviously had suffered. After looking into reblueing and selfblueing, I lightly emeryed and resprayed using an aerosol, don't laugh i'm not a bodger, honest! Aerosol was a matt black we use at work for touching up electrical panels and again came up really well , except the barrel which I rushed the prep and needs redoing.
I tested it on a friends chrono and was really surprised to find the FPS variance was really good, cant remember exact figures now. Great engineering, espescially as I said it was in the back of a cupboard for many years, couldn't test accuracy though, cheapo scope fecked and even open sights lost. Unfortunatly it was also, um shall we say slightly hot The result of an oxspring fitted by a 16yr old, didn't worry me then, scares the feck out of me now! so taken apart new spring ordered, which was WAYY too long and was still bent out of shape even when cut back, anyways its still in bits now, and needs a bit more tlc, as well as 2 stock screws I managed to lose along the way, but will have to get it working properly now that I have somewhere I can shoot again.
Apologies for going off topic, but hopefully that was slightly interesting and explains the HW love, will NEVER sell it.

So coming back to the point I tried the HW100 in a shop but didn't like the fit, couldn't get a good head position, partly why I want to buy a rifle with adjustment, the hw100 would also have needed a custom stock for me, yet more expense.

So no AR20 for me then, hopefully find something else soon.
Sorry for the unstructured waffling
You have a great community here, and although I have only visited one club so far they were all very friendly and helpful letting me shoot their couple of grands worth of pride and joy and offering and explaining things and giving tips. Though some, ok one, was biased to FT HFT is too easy apparently! I'll let you decide on that i'm a noob

The next question will probably be along the lines of which scope to get that i can shoot HFT and FT!
I know!!!! Don't go into it.!! I spent many hrs till my head almost exploded reading especially over the weekend.
Thanks again, I know I will be back with stupid questions and hopefully eventually see some of around in a comp.
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