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Originally Posted by biggeorge View Post
I've never had any reliability problems with mine and never any problems with accuracy.
I recently upgraded to a steyr and had a mare with it. It's cost me a few bob to put right and I've had a lot of help from Chrisc, lavant lad and Johnnyboy on here to get it sorted. It seems to be right now and is a lot nicer to shoot than the ar20.
It's also lighter.
It's definatly my preferred gun, I might keep the ar as a spare.
My ar had been modded so the cocking action was smooth but firm and the trigger had been sorted.
I like them but the steyr is a lot nicer to shoot
people always seem to compare the AR20 with a steyr WHY, when you consider the price difference.
BTW plenty of steyr with problems on here along with AA and their leaks.
I have the EV2 a Pro target and an s400 that have had leaks and regulator issues also my s200 had poi shift due to the same problem as some of the AR20 due to the hand grip pressing the barrel upwards. and as for the HW100 that was always blowing seals on the air cylinder.
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