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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
The plastic bits of the stock are poor and would cost for a decent fit (woodwork). the supplied cylinder makes the rifle very front heavy so again additional cost for a lighter cylinder. Trigger is poor as is the cocking mechanism. I've shot 3 in the past (my mate still has one) but at best could describe them as 'agricultural'. I know some on here have done a lot of work on them but like i costs money.

A good SH pro target (with Mk3 reg) should be available for around the 500 pounds mark and would be my choice if spending around the 500-600 mark. I know that buying SH you may inherit someones problems but if you buy carefully, from a club member or trusted source on here then all should be fine.

SH AA pro target - approx 500
SH AA EV2 (mk1/2 - approx 600/700
Steyr - 800 (i certainly would n't pay any more than that for a standard one)

If you consider 610 for the AR20 and then a few hundred quid extra on tweaking bits then IMHO it's a false economy.

If the AR20 has such rave reviews how come i haven't seen many at all on either the HFT or FT circuits and how many have taken trophies?....although the trophy winning could purely be down to the low numbers being used.
Thanks for the replies Chris, certainly given me something to think about, wont be "pulling the trigger" on the order today, will go and have another look at the expensive second hand one again.
I have searched online, guntrader, freeads, and gunstar for secondhand, for all the rifles you mention, all are a couple of hundred more than the prices you quote and all a fair distance from me so wold have to rely luck / trust the seller. Are there more sites worth checking out? I cant view the marketplace on here yet new member etc.
I was aware that the cocking mech came in for some criticism (can be made a lot better with a little better by polishing) and the forward heaviness, but not of the quality of the plastic or the trigger pretty sure all were reported as being good, will read more this evening and obv check the s/h gun.
As for lack of popularity , winning comps - because they are cheap and therefore cant be good? and the best shooters will tend to be the ones that work harder and tend to invest in their kit, then fashion, club I was at on Saturday most seemed to have steyrs. And big boys love their toys? I don't know, but ive never heard any complaints about the accuracy.

Thanks again Chris,
even though I am now more confused , again!
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