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I know of 3 people who have had there air weapons tested.
All 3 were shooting in there garden.
All 3 were 50 feet from a public high way
2 had a suitable back stop as the were shooting paper
The other was shooting rat's in his garden.
My mate was shooting rat's in his garden some community warden's parked up the hill from his house zoomed in there camera phoned the police armed response came .
He got charged with reckless use of a firearm or something like that
There was no back stop as he was close range ratting
There is a closed fowl footpath the other side of his 12 foot hedge.
He went to court he was only using his old Webley omega doing 8 fpe
They returned his rifle he got a fine.

The other one was two friends safely firing a pistol in the garden someone called the cops 2 armed response cars sent .
They searched the house for the pistols but his mate had left with them 5 minutes earlier.
Police did not believe him after the search they found his rifle so took those for testing they were all fine.
He got a call a week later to pick them up.

The last one was a co2 pistol shooting with a 6ft by 4 ft ply board as a back stop
He had a plank nailed on the front a bucket underneath shooting at bottles and cans
Again armed response but the paper got hold of this one he lives 600 yards from a school do they printed he endangered children ect
It was a powerful pistol ect
He is a waiting his court date his lawyer took pictures of enclosed back garden the big back stop
There is rough ground behind
So waiting to see what happens with that pistol was under 6fpe 4.3 it was

Plinking in your garden in Scotland is a no no under the licensing proposal not a valid reason
Even if it's done safely most people who see a gun they phone the police

If I shot up the side of my house front garden to end of back garden I'd get 25 meters
but I stay next to a road so I don't qualify as I'm less than 50 feet from a highway
I have a 6 foot fence all the way round but still no good .
It's a pity I would love to.have had the chance to practise more
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