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Originally Posted by Abdiel View Post
Hi chris could you elaborate a bit more?
I have looked into other rifles , and if I could get a one of these or some others at a good price I would probably buy , but s/h values I have seen around my area don't give much of a discount, as my message above I can get a brand new rifle with the supplied scope for just over the cost of a second hand.

Could you elaborate a bit more? Everything I have read has given the AR20 great reviews, "for it's price" , but then they are usually comparing against a steyer . What imparticular would I need to change ?

The plastic bits of the stock are poor and would cost for a decent fit (woodwork). the supplied cylinder makes the rifle very front heavy so again additional cost for a lighter cylinder. Trigger is poor as is the cocking mechanism. I've shot 3 in the past (my mate still has one) but at best could describe them as 'agricultural'. I know some on here have done a lot of work on them but like i costs money.

A good SH pro target (with Mk3 reg) should be available for around the 500 pounds mark and would be my choice if spending around the 500-600 mark. I know that buying SH you may inherit someones problems but if you buy carefully, from a club member or trusted source on here then all should be fine.

SH AA pro target - approx 500
SH AA EV2 (mk1/2 - approx 600/700
Steyr - 800 (i certainly would n't pay any more than that for a standard one)

If you consider 610 for the AR20 and then a few hundred quid extra on tweaking bits then IMHO it's a false economy.

If the AR20 has such rave reviews how come i haven't seen many at all on either the HFT or FT circuits and how many have taken trophies?....although the trophy winning could purely be down to the low numbers being used.

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