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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Before ordering the AR20 i would have a little think about what other rifles are out there. You very rarely see an AR20 on either the FT or HFT circuit because they just aren't highly regarded. a SH Pro target would be my choice.
There's just too much extra work/expense to get the AR20 to shoot/fit right.
Hi chris could you elaborate a bit more?
I have looked into other rifles , and if I could get a one of these or some others at a good price I would probably buy , but s/h values I have seen around my area don't give much of a discount, as my message above I can get a brand new rifle with the supplied scope for just over the cost of a second hand.

Could you elaborate a bit more? Everything I have read has given the AR20 great reviews, "for it's price" , but then they are usually comparing against a steyer . What imparticular would I need to change ?

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