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Originally Posted by skires View Post

It interests me as I have always personally struggled with close range targets ( 8 - 12 ). My eyes mean that they are totally blurred beyond recognition. Kills at those ranges are 20mm minimum. If I shoot at 20mm kills at 8 - 12 yards with the scope focused it's not difficult once you know the hold over. I'll hit them all day long. Shooting at them when you can't see them means I miss the odd one, especially if it's shot up.
As someone with -8 vision and severe astigmatism as well as tiny but perfectly formed cataracts, I know wherefrom you come. These days as well as varifocals I have to use reading glasses - the worst of both worlds! In my experience the MTC-Connect - 24 is the best scope I've yet found. it has a great depth of field and the virtual lack of parallax error means that it becomes a lot easier to hit those very fuzzy close targets.

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