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He told me that he was on his way home from swarland range when he was cut up on the a1 and came off the road and crashed in a ditch.

An ambulance was going the other way an saw this and turned round to help.
They had him in the back and were checking him out and decided to take him in for a checkup as he has a bit of a dicky ticker.

Plod turns up and says we'll tow the car to the yard for you, is there anything in the car you need?
he says my fone and glasses and pills are in the front and then remembers his guns in the back.

If i remember rightly plod is very pleasant and says we'll take them to the station for safekeeping, i think he said they'd be tested and may have read him his rights but i can't remember.
he was told he could pick them up in a day or so.

He calls the station and speaks to the copper who apologetically says they can't test them at the station so have been sent to durham for testing.
A week later he gets a call from the plod who are going to drop the guns off at his house and arrange a time.
Guns given the all clear and firearms coppers deliver the guns to him.

He's got pistols but he had at least one rifle with him as he mentioned the scopes were smashed.
Not sure if they were pcps or springers, ill ask him when i see him next.

I'm finding this capability business and test centres turning guns up to get a nick VERY worrying.
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