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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I think it's the right decision fella.

Like has been said above ... I would do a full string over the chrono and find where your best 40 shots are. If they are doing under 20fps spread then shoot some groups rested off a bag ( prone ). If you are getting under 20mm groups at 45 yards then I'm not sure I would worry about a regulator. I'm presuming you have found a decent pellet/Die for that rifle? the pellet /die comment above.

If you want i can send you a hundred or so of weighed batch 22. It's what i'm shooting through 2 x steyrs, HW100 and Lanky Mark is using in his MPR and Air ranger. The last shot string was through the Steyr using the Blueshot chrono app.

First 20 shots were straight out of the tin and unweighed. 9.65fps spread
next 10 weighed 2.36 fps spread.
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