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Originally Posted by valboskie View Post
I have decided to keep the MPR I have with drawn it from sale .
everyone who has posted thank you
I have received some very sound advice and points of view and its been very much appreciated
I have compromised and I'm getting a regulator fitted to the MPR
In the next 2 weeks
And I will just shoot it and enjoy it and with some practice and luck I will hit the 50s
IMHO that's a good call David. I know there are those on here that advocate that the rifle they have chosen is the best ever, but what siuts one doesn't suit another. Speaking as someone thtat has owned and shot pretty much there is out there i personally don't like the Walthers. I find the firing cycle jumpy and although a better trigger (not that 99.99% would notice) the Steyr is smoother to shoot all round. I bought one new after having a string of Steyr probs but really couldn't get on with it all and went back to the Steyr...sorted the probs and hey presto. I do think that the Walthers appear to be a bit less menstrual then Steyrs and both are easy enough to work on.

I would get some card out (i use 15mm dots) and get some nice tight groups shot. Build the confidence in the rifle/ability/pellets and then practice standers/kneelers (supported/unsupported). You'd be amazed how much you will improve when you've confidence that the kit is performing. At the moment i feel like i don't even need to go on the zero range as both rifles are spot on every time. pellets seem to be the important factor these days with such large variations from brand to brand and batch to batch.
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