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Originally Posted by valboskie View Post
I have been reading through loads of threads on various forums ect
And it seems to me that all the top shots are using walther or Steyr pcps.
Does having one of these rifles give you an edge over say an EV2 hw100 an MPR or a daystate mk4 say.
Is there an advantage ,does owning a top target rifle add points to your score by way of more accuracy or taking less wind
I would love to here your thoughts
Do you need a top end rifle to be competitive at HFT.

No! you need to be a top end shooter to take the equipement to the limit(if you need to go that far) .
If you are not at the top level they are wasted,but they do look nice,and a good talking point. Bit pricy for a chat session though!
Consistancy over a long period of time would get you 'noticed a bit',and thats down to ability and hours spent on the practice range; taking notice of how the rig works/or not and adapting to it.
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