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Well, I went to see said rifle today, and as well as being much more expensive than I remembered ( didn't take that much notice of it , till a guy at the club mentioned one later on) I could get a new one for not a lot more, I didn't like the look of it, very dirty, I know the ally is a begger to keep clean but.. just didn't feel right. Got to go with the gut, especially as there was little discount or warranty.
So a second hand guide is not needed atm.
Good news however, on coming home started looking to buy new, ofc no dealer near me has one or even mentions them on their website. Looked further afield, not really much luck, price were sometime ridiculous seems they just make them up then round them up to the nearest hundred!
So of to Germany I go, if I can get it at the price indicated inc. postage I will be a very happy bunny. Awaiting an email back. Even delivered to the door, none of that stupid postage legislation
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