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Seriously, it's your pound notes, so spend them how you want. If you want a new target rifle and you can afford it and it will put a smile on your face, go buy one.

I was just trying to get the message over that rifles don't knock targets down ... that's the ugly thing holding on to them pulling the trigger.

I've shot MPR's and they were silly accurate ... and they fitted well ( they suited me as I'm a dwarf and they seem to fit dwarves well ).

I can't comment on the pressure drop off and lock time. There must be loads of posts about them and loads on here will have owned them, or still do, so there must be plenty of folk that can comment on that. These things must do 50 or 60 shots in 0.177. You need say 40 to be sure of getting around a HFT course ( 30 plus discharges ). You must get 40 decent shots out of these? You can have regs fitted but you only need 40 decent shots at less than 20fps spread ( ideally under 10fps ). Like I said I can't comment on the lock time at the very end of the curve, as I haven't owned one, just shot a few, but again, with respect, are you good enough to be noticing a slight change in lock time on a few shots, if that is a problem?

If you were missing out on being National Champ because you thought a couple of shots had let you down, over the year, I'd be concerned, but these things will take you to a mid 50's average surely?

I don't know what you average. If we get the wind wrong, we miss. If we get the range wrong, we miss. Standers, kneelers, elevated shots ... all cause misses. So much to learn and enjoy learning. In my opinion there's loads there to learn about and try and get right before worrying about a sluggish lock time on a couple of shots at the end of the power curve.

People have won HFT shoots with S200's, S400's etc.

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